Uberdooze opened its doors a few months ago in an “outsider” neighborhood, near the fringes of the city’s busy downtown area.

Loud beats, a sweaty dance floor, underground culture, minimal aesthetics, religious symbols, neon lights, classy cellar, signature cocktails, and  spontaneous disco parties that cause a ruckus with the country’s most updated DJs delivering the beat, all blessed under the watchful gaze of a baroque angel – the venue’s most iconic and dominant symbol. Yeah, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Uberdooze is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


In the beginning it was (neon) light

The inspiration behind the project is 25 year old Vaggelis Soulitsiotis.

A young man resourceful and bold enough to turn a semi-abandoned college club into an up to date space that literally oozes coolness, reminiscent of a hip industrial joint you’d expect to find in Berlin.

A space “made out of love” as he states, which aims to bring back that forgotten feeling during these tough –if not downright miserable- times.


The soothing pink color of the venue’s walls is after all no accident.

“Pink is the color that soothes aggression and awakens the senses” he explains and continues to state that, “It’s about an interactive pink experiment, an urban futurama. Uberdooze aims to be a living cell of the city, one that vibes to the beat of its people”

uber6 uber5


How did this name which promises an overdose of experiences come to be?

“Uber in German means supreme, while douze in French means twelve. A number that is symbolic across almost all religions. At the same time, “dooze” in American slang denotes having a fast paced sexual encounter under the influence of alcohol (booze). Of course we must not forget about the Greek “douz”, which rejuvenates the soul and the body”


Stop and smell the flowers.

Uberdooze is here not just for those electrifying nights out. It’s open and available even throughout the day, serving as a space where one can do almost anything. The spacious “living room” with its comfy vintage couches and old-school school desks, serves as the ideal environment for a casual business meeting, accompanied by premium coffee and homemade edibles.


To infinity and beyond!

With spring fast approaching, Uberdooze doesn’t cease to surprise us. The remodeling of its back yard promises to host the city’s coolest summer cocktail parties, while its plans to open a kitchen with an urban gourmet menu that will have you salivating incessantly sounds equally promising.


On a final note, something really special is under construction in the so far closed off underground cellar section of Danaidon. Whatever is getting ready to hit the scene, it’s bound to take Uberdooze’s underground experience to a whole new level.

Stay tuned!

Überντουζ | 📍 Danaidon & Sfetsiou, Thessaloniki | facebook.com/ubr12 | instagram.com/uberdooze