What have been your latest interests and ambitions?

I’m a Marketing and Communications manager in the family company M.Ioannidis AEBE (Authorized distributor and repairer of Mercedez-Benz), that has been specializing in the automotive industry for over 68 years.

I’m a specialist in corporate communication, advertising, event planning and I’m trying to keep up with the latest trends in digital communication. My mission is to communicate successfully the message of the company for every product and service it has, and to carry out effective and quantifiable strategies for digital marketing and advertising.

At the same time I’m trying to stay in touch with Thessaloniki’s events and contribute as a volunteer. The way I see it, choosing to live in this city means that all of us should focus on its development, improvement and growth.

For this reason, my partners and I felt the need to create something innovative. Over the last three years we have been providing an alternative way of entertainment to the people of Thessaloniki by organizing mystery games (like murder mystery games, a night at Palermo, Avalon etc). Perhaps, you may have heard about the murders that take place at Thessaloniki’s “streets” and the usual suspects…


In Thessaloniki, you like most…

The vividness of the city’s center, a combination of colorful exhibitions, music and flavors. In fact, you can cross the center within 15 minutes and find what you need, shops, public services and places to hang out as well. In contrast to Athens, our city has a specific area-the midtown and the surrounding suburbs are no further than 20 minutes away by car. My favorite streets are Palaion Patron, Iktinou, Georgiou Stavrou, and the Agias Sofias pedestrian walk where you can find many populous or even artistic cafes and restaurants.


What would you change about the city? Give us your own plan!

 The major problem of finding parking space in the city center caused by traffic could be fixed by constructing underground public parking spots. Green or thematic parks around the city must be created. For example, Thessaloniki’s international exhibition Fair could be transferred to the suburbs and convert the area into parks.


What’s your favorite brunch spot?

Ergon Agora that is located in a classical stoa at Pavlou Mela 42, where the old cinema “Ravioli” used to be. It’s a traditional grocery-tavern, enriched with delicious snacks offered all day long. Lately the menu has been boosted with brunch, featuring incredible cakes, croissants, pies and even omelets with perfect combinations of fillings and toppings.

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Where do you go for lunch?

My favorite place for food in Thessaloniki is Οψωποιών Μαγγανείαι (Opsopion Maganie). I always choose this one to celebrate a special event.  It’s a small, cozy and elegant restaurant. It’s necessary to make a reservation before you go due to the limited space that can host only 25 people. There’s special quality meat and appetizers. In case you are about to visit  Opsopion Maganie, i suggest you order the bavette and picanha veal, and pavlova for dessert.

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What’s your favorite place for a night-out?

Vogatsikou 3 is the well-known, old bar of Thessaloniki’s Belair. This bar has been the favorite of locals for generations now. Helpful and polite staff makes it one of the most elegant cocktail bars in Thessaloniki. It stands out as one of the few coffee bars in town that applies and respects the anti smoking law.



Which place would you choose to relax and read? Recommend one!

I would choose the jetty port of Thessaloniki with the outstanding view of the seafront and White Tower. The municipality has placed benches so you can sit and enjoy your favorite book.


More infos:


Ergon Agora 📍  42 Pavlou are Mela Str. Thessaloniki

Opening Hours 🕓 : Every day 09:00 – 01:00

Contact 📞 : +30 2310288008

E-mail 📧: agora@ergonfoods.com

Reservations : Yes

Kitchen Hours :10:00 – 00:00


Opsopoion Manganeiai (Opsopion Maganie) 📍  5 Aimiliou Riadi Str. Thessaloniki

Opening Hours 🕓 : Monday: Closed | Tuesday-Friday :14:00-00:00 | Saturday : 13:00-00:00 | Sunday : 14:00-17:30

Contact 📞 : +30 2310889699

E-mail 📧: maganie.restaurant@gmail.com

Reservations : Yes


Vogatsikou 3 📍  3 Vogatsikou Str. Thessaloniki

Contact 📞 : +30  2310 222899

E-mail 📧: info@vogatsikou3.gr