The Most Impressive Tattoo Studio in Thessaloniki is More than you Imagine

By Alkisti Georgiou

In his over two decades of being a tattoo artist, Giorgos Mavridis has accumulated hundreds of awards in some of the biggest tattoo festivals worldwide as well as thousands of kilometers as a professional world traveler. Giorgos, founder of Tattooligans Tattoo Studio, has innovated once again by changing the tattooing experience in Thessaloniki.
Located in a beautifully renovated two-floor neoclassical building in the hip Valaoritou area, Tattooligans Tattoo Studio & Art Café is an original urban multifunctional space. Being a tattoo studio as well as a coffee bar, its purpose is to make the tattoo culture more approachable and accessible to the general public.


Getting a Tattoo While Enjoying your Coffee

“This concept is unique in Greece but also quite rare abroad. It’s a personal dream of mine that’s finally coming true,” explains George.
“Creating a studio where you can chill out drinking a coffee with your friends before you have a tattoo done, or pick a design and meet the artists in a friendly environment debunks the false impression that a tattoo studio is an inaccessible or even intimidating space. That was our goal.”
At the ground floor cafeteria we find one of the most up-to-date collections of tattoo-related books and magazines for anyone to browse, while the imposing monastery table at the reception is equipped with state-of-the-art tech: Tablets and laptops are connected to the most up-to-date creative platforms on the web, such as Pinterest and Deviantart, offering an exciting chance – even to the non-initiated – to take a fascinating dive into the tattoo culture.

Tattoos, Coffee Breaks & Early Drinks

However, the new Tattooligans studio is not only for tattoo lovers.
This new establishment serves coffee and drinks in a chilled out space with retro décor over an industrial-style backdrop. Comfy antique chairs, souvenirs from Giorgos’ trips around the globe, vintage black-and-white film projection travel you from the center of Thessaloniki to the entire world, and to other eras.
Moreover, Tattooligans Tattoo Studio & Art Café follows European standards in its opening times, which means that it doesn’t close long after midnight. This makes it an ideal afternoon and evening haunt for coffee breaks and early drinks in the busy city center.

tattooligans-art-cafe-7-2 tattooligans-art-cafe-8-2

Supreme Espresso Blends, Special Cocktails, Vegetarian Bites and Beats

The Tattooligans bar serves exceptional espresso blends from all over the world, special cocktails made by experienced mixologists and cool draft and bottled beers, while the team plans to introduce vegetarian snacks, salads and sandwiches soon.

tattooligans-art-cafe-sq1 tattooligans-art-cafe-sq4

tattooligans-art-cafe-sq2 tattooligans-art-cafe-sq3

What Comes Next? Art Above All

In addition to a private playroom in the basement which will feature ping pong and billiards tables for the staff to relax during their breaks, future plans for Tattooligans also promise art exhibitions showcases designs by customers and visitors. To encourage the creativity of the public, all coffee-bar spaces will provide drawing materials for free.

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The Multi-Award winning Tattooligans Team shares its Tattoo Secrets with View Thessaloniki

Top 5 Most Popular Tattoo Trends

1. Old School Tattoos
2. New School Tattoos
3. Realistic
4. Japanese
5. Lettering


Tattooligans Top 5 Tattoo Tips

Before you head to Tattooligans for your tattoo…

1 . Choose a design that has represented your personality over time.
2. Go for something innovative and unique rather than popular designs.
3. Spend time online doing in-depth research on your idea. Google is our friend!
4. Always ask for the opinion and guidance of an experienced professional.
5. Don’t fall for the pain myth!


Tattooligans-Tattoo Studio & Art Café Info

Syngrou 9, Thessaloniki City Center (Valaoritou Area)
Tel. 2310 283 182

Opening Hours:

Tattoo Studio
Weekdays 12:00 – 20:00
Saturdays 12:00 – 17:00
Sundays Closed

Art Café Bar
Every day 10:00 – 02:00

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