Tom Ford is a designer that keeps inspiring us more and more with his new collections and especially his miraculous fragrance.

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The perfumes of the collection captivate the senses and leave your personal signature wherever you go. One of the most divine is the orchid collection and specifically the Black orchid, the Velvet and the Soleil. Black orchid is a charming, sensual and elegant perfume, synthesizing harmonically a rich fragrance in a glamorous black-gold bottle blending together Black Truffle, Black Orchid, Black Plum, Noir Gourmand Accord, and Patchouli, which in turn create a dynamic and powerful scent for women with strong personalities. If you love having a commanding presence, I highly recommend the everlasting charming black orchid. This fragrance is bound to awaken the senses, and your hidden energy. It’s a strong fragrance absorbed by your skin which lasts for days!

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For the sensual vixens amongst you, the Velvet orchid is your dream fragrance. Your mind and senses wander to oriental fairytales with its perfect mix of aromas. The radiant Velvet orchid is made from tuberose petals, vanilla, chestnut and patchouli, all of them bound together by the star of flowers, and black orchid, to create a sweet smell full of exquisiteness. With a mere whiff you are instantly transported to an enormous garden surrounded by velvet orchids, just close your eyes and imagine the most divine sensory experience.


For the more sensitive and romantic women out there, Tom Ford has already taken care of you by creating the Orchid Soleil, a glowing and sensual fragrance. The color of the bottle represents the female naked body fused together by luminous sand on a warm sunny summer beach. Reveal your hidden charm and elegance with Orchid Soleil and express your innermost romantic thoughts.

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Undoubtedly, the whole collection of perfumes is splendid and nobody remains unmoved in the face of such heavenly smells. The orchid collection is probably the most economic, as the others exceed the price of 250 euros. Overall the cosmetic collection is amazing, with divine lipsticks and bronzers for extravagant appearances with a summer glow. Try Tom Ford beauty line and enjoy the journey of divinity!



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