The City who Loves to Drink Coffee

Coffee in Thessaloniki is a way of life. Going for a coffee is not only our favorite way of catching up with friends and family but it’s also a ritual bound to last for hours, at least for those who have such time to spare. The city’s universities with their thousands of students ensure that there’s always a vibrant coffee crowd, and the rest of the residents certainly follow suit.

They say our city has the most cafeterias per person in the country. We weren’t able to confirm whether that’s true but talking a stroll in the city center, you’ll notice lots and lots of interesting cafeterias, from luxurious establishments to hip colorful joints and from student hotspots traditional kafeneio cafes.

You will also notice a few types of coffee you may not be used to. While you’ll find all your expected espressos and filter coffee preparations and everything in between, Thessaloniki is also the birthplace of a humble, yet popular cold coffee preparation: frappe coffee. Some places have decided to elevate and remix this and other types of coffee and beverages, while tea and other beverages are also available along with tasty cake and other treats. Let’s explore the best places to have coffee and dessert in Thessaloniki!

The Coffee and the Sweetness


Piece of Cake

Chrysostomou Smyrnis  19, 2310 242 525

A colorful café where you can accompany your aromatic coffee with orange pie, brownies and other homemade baked desserts straight from the oven. One of the city center’s most popular cafeterias.

Mon Frère

Κarolou Deal 6, 2310 240 058

A stylish café in the center with an air of France. Accompany your coffee with a croissant or the dessert of the day.

Coffee in Thessaloniki


Τsimiski 22, Old Post Office Arcade, 2310 234 222

The first TOMS Flagship Store in Greece is in a beautiful old arcade in Thessaloniki. In addition to selling footwear selections by the brand, it also has a wonderful café in a quiet space away from the street. Here you can enjoy a cup of specialty coffee of different blends on a welcoming patio. For every pack of coffee you buy, TOMS donates a week’s worth of water to a person in need.


Aristotelous 9, 2310 277 444

You’ll choose it for its location on Aristotelous Square and congratulate yourself on your choice once you try its food, desserts and ice cream. It will be difficult to choose from its big variety of chocolate, cakes, sweets, pastries and many other dessert selection, all made with quality ingredients.


Agias Sofias 19, 2310 231200

What is perhaps the most beautiful shop window in Thessaloniki has become a hot spot on Agias Sofias pedestrian street. Blé makes balanced desserts, low in sweetness and fat using first-class ingredients from all over the world – Belgian and Swiss chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, local fresh butter, Greek pistachio praline and Brazilian espresso.

Lena’s Bistro

Katouni 7, 2311 249 140 

Lovely and very much loved, this Ladadika bistro is beautifully decorated and ideal for Spring and Summer, when you can sit at a table on the cobbled street outside and people-watch for hours.

Pastaflora Darling

Zefksidos 6,  2310 261518 

One of the most impressively decorated cafeterias in the city, which brought on the thematic café trend, along with Freideriko Agapi Mou. It’s frequented by students and all those that love the vibe of Zefksidos Street. A cool oasis in the hot summer of the city.

thessaloniki coffee


Mitropoleos 102, 2310 30 8979

A fairy-tale world of sweets. Crunchy cookies with jam or chocolate, lemon pie with meringue, chocolate soufflé, cheesecakes, crème brûlée, truffles and a lot of cakes.

Gelati e Amore

Aleksandrou Svolou 46, 2310 242014

Thessalonians call him “The Italian.” This shop sells authentic Italian ice cream in many flavors such as mascarpone, cookie, giandujia, chestnut and mille feuille. Its fans swear it’s the best ice cream in the city.


Papadopoulou 17, Panorama, 2310 344 803

The best place to enjoy a refreshing freddo cappuccino and a slice of tasty chocolate cake. It’s also great for wine. Choose one of the many wine labels available and pair it with a cheese and cured meat plate.


Filikis Etairias 1, 2310 254 533 

If you’d like to have a coffee opposite the White Tower, you simply have to visit this café. On its side, Oval also has views of one of the most central roads, Pavlou Mela. Besides coffee and refreshments, Oval serves fresh, crisp salads, club sandwich, pasta, chocolate soufflé and fresh fruit crepes.