Your fragrance is one of the most personal things you can wear, it makes the most powerful of senses, one more way to introduce or re-introduce yourself or give people something to remember you by. Our beauty editor Evi Michailidou takes you step by step all the way through the whole process of creating your own perfume and reveals a different step of the Zoniou experience.

What your fragrance says about you?

Your fragrance makes a statement about you long before you do, as it first acts on a subconscious level. Niki Zoniou is well aware of that, and created her whole brand around it. She believes that fragrances are reflections of our lives, the people we meet and the people we love. Blossoms, powder, spices, fruits are combined in intelligent ways to give you and anyone you encounter a unique olfactory experience.

“The first step to create a perfume is to choose the feeling you want to describe.”

Niki Zoniou describes. “I aim to always create perfumes that capture memories and feelings and transfer you in beloved experiences. There is a great variety of options in the perfume world, and every perfume smells differently on different people, but what’s more unique and “signature” than creating your own DIY scent, a creation by you, without spending a fortune?


How does a signature perfume work?

Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all senses. It goes straight to the amygdala of the human brain, directly triggering emotions from pleasure to trauma. That’s why we assign memories to smells and different odours can make us feel different emotions, even without any obvious reason.

“Fragrances are the reflection of our life, the people we meet and the people we love.”

So when you want to impress someone, use their own nose to achieve that! A unique signature fragrance, will automatically make people connect it with the experience they have with you, smell it and think of you.


How to create your signature fragrance at Zoniou stores?

The stuff at Zoniou will help you understand what you’re smelling and explain if the fragrance is musky, smoky, floral, aquatic, oriental etc and guide you through creating your personal perfume.

What makes a fragrance “suit you” depends on your skin’s pH, diet, health, hormones and general factors that create your natural scent. But when creating your own fragrance, the most important thing is what you want out of it.


“Firstly, you have to choose the feeling you want to describe”

Niki Zoniou says. What is it that your fragrance would trigger? Other factors to conducting your scent are mood, season, occasion and most importantly your personality.

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What if you get too overwhelmed?

On the other hand, if creating your own perfume from scratch seems overwhelming to you, at Zoniou you’ll find more than 60 ready-made options to choose from.


Are you ever too young to start?

No! Niki Zoniou loves kids and recently held the event “Little Perfumers” where the little ones created their own fragrances!


Who is Niki Zoniou?

Niki Zoniou comes from a perfumer family, continuing and evolving what her father, Doksakis Zonios started since 1977. She is among the best perfumers in Greece and the one who made the brand Zoniou a success. She knows how to deliver what you want. It is a unique design concept that takes you to a “magical” trip in the world of aromas, beauty and wellness. The strong brand name that the company has built over the years has created high awareness and has laid the foundations for sustained growth.
This new business proposal concerns a diversified concept based on personal experience that enables consumers to choose, but also to “build” their own, separate, unique, perfume composition. Customers enjoy the experience of smart purchases, finding what is most modern in the cosmetics at a reasonable and affordable price.

More about this marvelous aromatic experience soon.
Stay e-tuned.


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