Today I’m going to a Zoniou store to create a custom perfume for me, View and Georgia. I am really thrilled about this process and I can hardly wait to indulge to all these perfume notes. We have also decided on the names we are going to give to the perfumes: ours. The smiling stuff welcomes me and we start a mini interview. I tell Anastasia that I do like floral scents, but they’re usually not too strong, not too “gardeny” and I love powdery scents and sometimes sweet too, like vanilla, but not the strong ones that brings you headache. I also let her know that I’m not very good at describing scents, but she was experienced enough to get me exactly what I wanted. She sprayed on a paper stick a couple of sprays White rose and one spray of Cashmere. I adored it! Exactly the way I asked it: the flower “was there”, but you were more left with a powdery feeling.


I then had the chance to watch the making of process. It was like magic is happening. I was overwhelmed. Little drops of Cashmere blended with the White rose and my little portion was almost ready. Anastasia took the essences, measured each one and added them to my 100ml bottle, before she filled it all up with eau de cologne. The bottle was then sealed, to ensure that the perfume will remain strong and unchanged. The final touch was to stick the label with my name on it, and here it was, my own perfume ready to take it home! Oh, I was really happy and proud. I was in a world of perfume wonders!


But some more spoiling was about to happen, with a cute and elegant gift wrapping. Anastasia also added a card with my perfume’s recipe, in case I want to repeat it next time. That was definitely going to happen.


I loved every part of this process. The perfume actually is a Creation by you. If you know exactly what you want, you can mix and match pure notes and make from scratch your own fragrance.


But if you don’t exactly know what essences you want your perfume to have, you can explain the scents you like (as I did), you can name a couple of your favorite perfumes or tell them the feeling and the mood you want your perfume to bring. They’ll guide you and suggest the best choice for you! And it costs only 16 euros. 

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P.S. Next time I am mixing my perfume notes with my body cream and I am in the process of finding also the right name for it. Stay e-tuned.

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