The Thessaloniki Concert Hall presents soprano Vassiliki Karagianni and tenor Yiannis Christopoulos in Les chemins de l’amour, a concert that’s part of the International Chamber Music Festival on the 13th of February at 21:00.


Les Chemins De L’Amour



“The pathways of love” – as the title means in English – seeks to use song to trace the innermost parts of the psyche in the most direct manner.

The redeeming vocal expression of song has been accompanying humanity since the dawn of time, across eras, civilizations and locations. Through the ages and forever…

Together with those who walk these paths, Vassiliki Karagianni, Yiannis Christopoulos and Sofia Tamvakopoulou seek the essence of bygone eras that extend to the here and the now. Timeless paths of love, music and passion.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall – M2
Monday, February 13th

Tickets: €10, €5 concessions


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