This column is all about feelings, thoughts, experiences, and long walks all around Thessaloniki. It’s about a blonde Thessaloniki girl with a ponytail wandering around the city and tasting the new, the old, the peculiar, the emotional, the imaginary before writing it down on her laptop. Enjoy her point of View.

The holidays are over; the presents opened; the wishes received;

friends have come together and enjoyed each other’s company. We drank together, danced in each other’s arms and wandered the city, from the parties to the city streets, ending up in small bars in the surrounding areas – and then we did it all over again. Our laughs and kisses amongst the music; our desires for the new year and our hopes shared over festive glasses in a Thessaloniki that was happy,entranced in its festive bliss.

Now that all the cheerfulness is over, it’s time for more serious things. A new year is here, carrying difficulties but also positivity, hope as well as disappointment.

January’s frost clears the atmosphere – and our thoughts.

As I walk the Thessaloniki streets, I pass by the same places and notice subtle differences. They are charming but also make me think. I feel the chilling cold embrace me, I observe the few people I meet outside – their eyes, their faces. They’re all covered in warm clothes, soft scarves and wooly hats and every single one walks quickly, impatiently. Are they really in a hurry?

Are they running from their past or towards their future?

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It doesn’t matter.

Let the city be a little more empty these few days, let its colors be a little more muted and its music a little lower in volume. There is a reason – I see it in the slippery sidewalks and in the fog around me. These are the days when we want to take the time to think about what’s coming, what we’re doing and what we actually want. Soon we’ll all be ready to welcome the sun’s warm embrace. Soon, we’ll be out in the streets once again, going for a coffee with beloved friends. But for now, we’ll walk the streets briskly and pensively. We’ll look down instead of searching the crowds for friends to greet. We’ll cover our bodies in warm blankets and retreat, seeking and redefining ourselves. Right after our holiday excursions, right before the sun comes down again, we’ll seek ourselves in January. We’ll look for ourselves in warm breaths that hit the cold air; we’ll think; we’ll wonder. January is but a short pause; a pause for reflection, for reassessment. It’s a necessity. It’s a gift from the new year before it picks up speed.

I won’t stop wandering the city I love, among the few passers-by.

I’ll continue to lose myself in its cold, from its waterfront to the alleys of the Upper City. From the port and high street to the darkest alleys I’ll walk. I’ll observe those around me and I’ll observe myself. I’ll look at others hastily and at myself more boldly.

After the winter holidays but before the sun, this city is searching. And I search along with it. In its cold and in its warm. Together…


Where to go this Winter in Thessaloniki

  1. The balcony of Garcon brasserie
  2. Kitchen Bar
  3. Daios Luxury Living cafe
  4. Orizontes Restaurant at Electra Palace Thessaloniki
  5. Met Hotel – on the patio
  6. Skyline at the Thessaloniki International Fair park
  7. The Water lily pond on the New Seafront


The Imaginary WriterImaginary Writer

Eleni Omirou was born and lives in Thessaloniki. She studied Political Science and has worked for years in the media as a journalist and as an advertising manager.
She loves to travel and to write, so now she writes about Thessaloniki, the city she adores and keeps returning to.

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