by Evi Michailidou

Step 1: Blot

The first thing you need to do is blot your face to remove any sweat or oiliness. Use a tissue and tapping motions.

Step 2: Correct

See if your eyeliner and mascara have smudged, and check your concealer and eyeshadow for any creases. Correct any of the above with a tissue, q-tip or even your -clean- fingers.

Step 3: Refresh

Use a face mist to refresh the products that are still on your face, give a hydration boost to your skin and mood!


Step 4: Blend

With your foundation brush or blending sponge, tap all over your face to blend all the products that sit still on your skin and make everything smooth again.
Tip: Use a beauty blender for smooth application and perfect blending. Exclusively at Sephora

Step 5: Add

Add some concealer under the eyes or wherever necessary. Don’t forget that your skin isn’t bare, and you’ll only need a tiny bit of product. Blend again.


Step 5: Fix

Apply a thin layer of powder over the centre of the face and a tiny bit under the eyes, to fix every-thing and make the skin more matte.
Tip: An ultra thin powder will make your makeup stay in place without weighing your face and mak-ing it look cakey. Ultra HD Pressed powder is perfect for touchups! Find exclusively at Sephora.

Step 6: Colour

What more would you like at the moment? Some eyeliner? Lipstick? Do you think you need some bronzer to warm the face up? Do you want some extra colour on the cheeks? It all depends on the result you’re going for and what’s next in your day!
Tip: Transform your makeup form day to night, using a daring, sexy shade like Inlgot’s 176

Extra tip:

Avoid adding more mascara during the day, because some formulas could make them look clumpy and feel heavy. Go for a mascara you love and you know that will hold the curl for hours, anyway!