Multitalented and full of passion, journalist Efthimios Savvakis knows what Thessaloniki is about. After all, in some way or another, he’s involved in more local events than you know – he also was the one who helped the hybrid dessert bougatsan gain its glory!

What have you been up to lately?

Lately I’ve been preparing my holiday guests, my “captives” in my “Locked” escape games. I’m also writing my speech for the international conference for the 50 Years of Greek Television. All the while I’m trying to finish and submit the next two chapters of my PhD thesis (probably unsuccessfully!). On the 26th of November I was at Warehouse C of the Thessaloniki Port with the international Blind Pilots #2 Project, for which I do communications.  On the 1st of December – World AIDS Day – Melina Chatzipanteli and I are holding a special event at TOMS. We’re making special themed cookies, and giving away part of the profits from selling them. It’s to help the Thessaloniki Checkpoint, which does so much to raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in the local community.

What do you like about your city?

How walking the New Seafront makes you forget all your troubles. It’s a liberating feeling that seaside places can give you.

What would you change about your city?

Waiting times – let’s call it lost time, cause it’s what it is – spent in cars and buses. When you have a city the size of Thessaloniki, it doesn’t make sense for it to have the traffic and stress of Athens. I don’t know whether the metro subway will provide the solution (its construction has been more problematic than Panathinaikos FC’s defense line at the Europa League) but I know for a fact that there have been promising plans for greener, friendlier traffic regulations which stayed on the shelf.

thessaloniki breakfast brunch estrella bagel savoury

Where do you go for breakfast?

Kostas Kapetanakis, the owner of Estrella, keeps teasing me that I’m one of the top 3 consumers of bougatsan ever. I discovered it on Dimitris Koparanis’ Instagram, wrote about it on LIFO and watched it go viral – it’s been discussed in major magazines abroad, and even mentioned in academic theses! I’ve tasted it a myriad times and have it for breakfast whenever I can. Together with Estrella’s wonderful bagels! So Estrella, for sure (pronounced ester-ya and not estre-la, as I used to say for the first year or so!)

What’s your favorite local joint for lunch?

Like all (normal) people, I love burgers and fries. Recently, at a journalist meal at be*, my colleague Evelina Syrigou recommended their new black bun burger. Since then, I go for it whenever I’m in the center, and accompany it with one of their wonderful salads.

black bun burger be* thessaloniki lunch

Where do you usually hang out?

I’ve got a special relationship with TOMS, as that’s where we held our charity photo exhibition with my “captives,” the guys from Locked. We ran a collection drive for toys and books to give to children with cancer. TOMS serves great dishes (try the quesadillas), the staff is friendly, they’ve got great cocktails and it’s an ideal venue for meetings – especially the lower level is an oasis in the city center.

The City through the Eyes of Journalist Efthimios Savvakis

What’s your favorite spot? Or your favorite place to read?

The Thessaloniki Seafront. I used to live right next to it for years, and always take the chance to walk there with friends or alone, listening to music. Or even go there to read a book. If it’s crime fiction by Metaichmio publications, so much the better.

Who is Efthymios?

Efthymios Savvakis is a journalist and PhD student in Media Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In Greece, he works for LIFO editions, bet365 as well as other sites, projects, free press and companies. He has also worked with media from Cyprus, UK, Asia and America as a journalist. Efthymios has published his first short story, “The Wolf and the Candy” in the short story collection titled “O Fovos tou Ksenou” [Fear of the Foreign] by Metaichmio Publishing House. Follow his Facebook account here and his Instagram account here.

Locked – Thessaloniki Escape Rooms

  • What is it? The first escape room company in the city.
  • How do you play? 2-6 person teams attempt to escape a specially configured room in 60 minutes.
  • Where? 21 Agias Sofias Street, 1st floor.
  • Contact details: tel 2310 232577
  • Locked on Facebook
  • Locked on Instagram 
  • Five Rooms currently available:
    CSI Thessaloniki
    Who Killed John Monroe;
    Spooky Room 479
    Ο Jack Travis and the Lost Statues
    Pirates –The Wicked Ship