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Thessaloniki, greece
Sunday, December 17, 2017


Read the best kept secrets of eating, drinking and living well

The city through the eyes of Katerina Ioannidou

Who is Katerina? An active woman, a marketing expert, the “usual suspect”. See the city through her eyes! An interview to Marianna Athanasiadou

Uberdooze Uberalles

How did a place so unlike anything we are used to, manage to become the talk of the town and alter the nightlife map of Thessaloniki? Alkistis Georgiou reports.

A Gentleman’s Diaries: The Finest Drinking Experience

Nikos Daditsios embarks on a Fine Drinking expedition like no other, next stop Thessaloniki! Translation and edited into English: Konstantinos Santorinaios.

The Editor’s Picks for March

Welcome, Dear Spring! Spring has always been my favorite season. Maybe it’s flowers blossoming, maybe it’s the vibes getting stronger, maybe it’s the city that’s...

Nutritional Mythbusting: 10 + 1 Myths and Facts about Nutrition

Dr. Benefits aka Kostas Feidantsis explores some of the most common misconceptions about diet and nutrition to reveal the scientific truth and debunk the common myths.

A Gentleman’s Diaries: J’ Adore Champagne!

Nikos Daditsios was lucky enough to find himself in Champagne, tasting Deutz champagne from its source. He's here to tell us all about it.

BBC Showcases Thessaloniki’s Food in Rick Stein’s “Long Weekends”

Rick Stein chose to visit Thessaloniki as part of his "Long Weekends" series of culinary trips. Which local dishes and experiences did he single out?

The Paloma – The Cocktail Story of the Month by Giannis...

December in Mexico with a Paloma, the cocktail that's more popular than the Margarita in the birthplace of tequila.

Study Shows Τhat Our Friends and Family Influence Our Weight

Show me Your Friend and I’ll Tell you What to Eat Can social relationships affect specific behaviors such as smoking, exercise and diet or nutrition?...

Five Star Hospitality: The Best Hotel Suites in Thessaloniki

Looking for luxury accommodation or just curious? In any case, we have put together the definitive guide to Thessaloniki's hotel suites.