by Evi Michailidou 

1. Try it on your face

Often we try foundations on the back of our hand or wrist, but this doesn’t make sense. We’ll wear it on the face and that’s where we should test it. Our neck tends to be lighter than our face, because the shadow of our head won’t let much sun fall on it. To make sure the colour matches your face tone, and also isn’t much different from your neck, add a bit of colour on jaw line, where the face meets the neck.

2. Check the tone and shade

The second reason we choose wrong makeup shade, is because we mostly focus on the tone of the foundation (how light or dark it is) and disregard the shade. The foundation you try might be too orange, too yellow, too pink for your skin. An easy way to find what’s the true colour of your skin is observe the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they’re purple, your skin tends to be more pink, if they look green, it tends to be more yellow and if you see both, it’s more on the neutral side. When you know your skin’s colour it’s much easier to seek for the right foundation.

3. Try the foundation on your face (before you buy)

Most brands have trained makeup artists that would gladly apply the foundation on your face, so you can try it out. See it on your face, feel it and let some time pass to see if it oxidises (it would turn more orange if it does). Don’t add other products on top (at least for a few minutes), as a blusher, concealer or powder could give a confusing result and distract you from the foundation’s shade.


4. Check it on daylight

Probably the most important tip! After you have the foundation applied on your face, step outside the store and check it on daylight. I guarantee you’ll see a totally different colour! Lighting inside the stores can be misleading, giving you a totally different impression of the colour and even the finish of a product. So always remember to grab a little mirror and step outside to see the product’s true colours (literally!).

Bonus tip:

Go for brands with big colour ranges! Avoid ranges with limited shade options, as you might feel you “have to choose” on of them, even if no one is perfect! Go for Inglot, Lancôme (Sephora, Attica Department Stores), Estée Lauder (Sephora, Attica Department Stores), Bobbi Brown (Attica Department Stores), Giorgio Armani Beauty (Attica Department Stores) or any brand you love, as long as they give you plenty of options.